Enjoy the taste of Nachoria at your next office lunch or party!

Each delivery includes chips and Nachoria's three signature sauces! To make it easy on you, our online drop-off menu is designed so that you can order per person.

Drop-off catering requires a $500 food minimum, but we can accommodate smaller-sized orders for pick-up at any location. Please note that all orders must be confirmed 48 hours in advance. 

Enter your order below. Once the order is filled out and submitted, a Nachorian will confirm your order with a phone call.

Orders are considered pending until you have received a confirmed quote from Nachoria and you have issued a major credit card for payment.

NACHOS • $10 per person • serves 1
house fried chips, homemade cheese sauce, fire roasted red peppers, carmelized onions, green onions & queso fresco
Nacho Toppings (Select up to 3)
TACOS • $10 PER PERSON • 3 tacos per serving
4" corn tortillas, fresh onion & cilantro
Taco Fillings (Select up to 3)
Portions priced per person
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